Sunset – Snippets #4

“Wow! is this like a favorite spot?” Akari asked, raising her eyebrows and her eyes wide open looking at the city across the river. The financial tower stood proudly behind a melancholy fog. A few couples stood along the bridge all looking towards the city in a distance.

“My favorite spot, yes! But then people kind of steal it”

The afternoon breeze in the very first days of July gently touched on Akari’s wavy hair bang making it quiver. Her hair strands softly flew in the wind and covered a part of her cheek. Under the bridge, the river’s tranquil surface sometimes disrupted by big and little boats creating curvy waves that spread all its way to the river bank.

“We’re still early” I said, looking into the sun which was still high above and hidden by clouds.

“What? Oh the sunset?” Akari asked. The muscles on her face relaxed as she finally figured it out.

“Yes, I wanted to show you the sunset” I said with my eyes still looking at the obstructed sun.

Akari slightly shook her head to make the hairs flip away but the hairs keep covering her face. I stroked her hairs and tucked it behind her ear.

“Nice earrings” I said

“Thank you!” said Akari, briefly looked at me and turned away. The golden hour turned her face red.

Or was it me?