Goodbye Girl – Snippets #3

Humans perhaps is the only species that could die from sadness.

Instead of doing handshake like strangers, I quickly stooped and hug Akari tightly as though I’d never let her go. The moment of which seems to be less than a second felt like forever. I wanted to tell Akari that I will never forget and will miss her very much but somehow the words just refused and betrayed me.

Akari had one 23 kilos luggage and a carry-on handbag. I took the driver’s task and put them in the trunk by myself. The luggage didn’t feel heavy. It felt more like anger and remorse. The last thing went in the back of the cab was her purple umbrella. It was closed. I looked at it and remember the last time I opened it on the balcony. I wished it busted open inside out like my heart right now. Yet it was closed, cold and cruel, so was Akari’s heart.

Akari hopped in the cab and said to me while looking away

“Well, I will see you again” not forgetting to add her sparkling smile

Her big beautiful eyes under the yellow street lights met my glance. My heart sank.

“Like in five years?” I forced a smile

Akari smiled her same smile, but this time, her left dimple is just as deep as the hole in my heart.

“Maybe sooner” Akari smiled, her eyes broke contact trying to hide away the insincerity.

“Ok!” I tortured my face muscles to smile once again before closing the door. My heart shattered as the door slammed.

The cab drove off and disappeared in the distance. Standing alone I felt an empty hole on my chest, tried to remember where I left my heart at? Did I just leave it in the cab a minute ago or did I leave it on the balcony of the coffee shop where we talked about all the things on Earth?

I couldn’t find my words to say goodbye and neither Akari. My heart broke. Akari didn’t do it. Maybe some stranger did really throw it out the balcony. But isn’t Akari now a stranger I used to know?