Thin Wall

As I was lying in bed wandering my mind about Akari, something about her mom always nag her into keeping manners and act like a good lady, I heard a familiar bolero duet from the other room. That’s my brother room and that’s their father-and-son activities—singing depressing bolero songs.

“Could you please, please keep it down. We have very thin walls here. Another love sick bolero song of yours will make me explode”, I said.

“Oh come on, it’s weekend. Let’s have some fun. Why are you so stressed out about everything?  Hey J, ask your uncle to join. He seems very interested”, said my brother who then turned to his 15 years old son holding his mic skillfully like a professional singer on TV show.

“I know it’s your father–and-son time tonight but please, not tonight. I need you to keep it down.  As long I don’t hear all those pathetic bolero breakup bullshit lyrics of yours, I’m ok. Is that too much to ask?” I raised my voice annoyed.

“What’s going? Is it because that girl Akari  or whatever? Get over it. You not having her back ever again man.”

“Funny it came from a 40 years old divorced man. I appreciate the lesson though. Keep it down” lowered my voice, I turned and walked back to my room.

“Hey what is that supposed to mean? I had a child with my ex-wife. We were together for 10 years. Look yourself in the fucking mirror. You’re the pathetic loser who can’t get over a girl who you just met for a week and she’s been gone for well over a month now. Get a fucking life!”

“If J wasn’t here, I would have ripped off your fucking balls and feed them to the fish.” I turned around, leaned forward and whispered.

J was a good kid. He just applied and got into a very prestigious high school. Landed 2 points above standard score requirement. His parents divorced five years ago. He didn’t speak when he got home for two years after the divorce. His mom gained full custody so the only time he gets to meet his father is at weekends. And he rarely missed any of them.

I walked back to my room with a face heated at 100c. What an asshole! The anger didn’t last too long when I thought of J, my poor nephew. What a tough kid! We used to be close and talked a lot more than now. It’s sad but life isn’t supposed to be black and white. There will be times that life would change you in a way that you would never become the same person again. Too bad, the kid had to tiptoe himself into adulthood way to soon. ­

Thanks to them I got my mind a break from thinking about Akari .




Author: tammle's blog

Tam Le is a writer, traveler, freelancer, translator, and photographer.

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