The Club Accident – Snippets #2


I lost myself to the crazy beats in the club. Under the flashing lights of dance music, Jenny face became blurry. I pulled her to me and hugged. I wished Akari was here. Jenny’s perfume slowly moved to all over my shirt. Jenny was a Vietnamese American who could only say short sentences in Vietnamese. Her Vietnamese accent is off sometimes. I thought that was cute.

“Anh uống nữa đi, em muốn xem anh nhảy”, said Jenny with her slur accent

Although Jenny was quite a few years older than me but her make up and club lights made we look like a couple. I looked at Jenny smiling, lifted my glass of Grey Goose, and drank, intending to earase all the thoughts about Akari with a bottle of vodka.

As the night got later and the music got louder, I immersed myself in the crazy twirling images of Jenny and strangers of the club. Jenny hugged me, fell into my arms and whispered:

“Em mệt rồi, anh đưa em về nhà đi!” Jenny said with her eyes half closed.

We hopped in a cab. The taxi drove by the familiar yellow streets lights and tree lines. I saw myself standing in the corner like a lost puppy just hours ago gazing after Akari as her cab made a turned to nowhere. I looked at Jenny and wished the woman collapsing on my arms right now was Akari.




Author: tammle's blog

Tam Le is a writer, traveler, freelancer, translator, and photographer.

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